5 Ways To Secure A Payrise From Your Job

Generally, many of us will try and get the most from our jobs and this generally means trying to increase our salary or increasing our perks. Once we feel we hit a plateau, this is often the time we choose to look for greener pastures. While our pay rate is not usually the be-all-end-all, it is probably the most important factor for most people. We look at five ways in which you can help yourself secure a pay rise with your current job.

1) Do more

This doesn’t mean just working harder, but taking on more tasks and responsibilities. Become the room scheduler, office coordinator, technician and all-around go-to person. The more you do, the more indispensable you become and you will likely end up being rewarded for that financially. If not, you can leverage your knowledge and skills with the threat of leaving to get what you want, and if that doesn’t work, it may be better for you if you leave as your employer doesn’t value you that much!

2) Push for a promotion

Promotions generally come with a pay rise as well as an increase in responsibility and occasionally, power. Show more leadership and decision-making qualities to put you in the sights of your bosses who may see the potential in you. You may also acquire more perks such as the freedom to work from home, which will appeal to many.

3) Prove you deserve it

You need to show your boss why you deserve a pay rise and often this comes down to cold, hard numbers. If you followed the first point, you should be able to show improvements in your performance. If you are in sales it could mean closing leads, if you are in operations it could mean reduced downtime, it is all relative but you need to be able to back your request up with proof as to why you deserve it.

4) Compare with similar companies

If your role in other similar companies pays better, then use that piece of information when trying to negotiate a pay rise. Businesses hate having a high turnover, so losing an employee who is doing well and only looking for a pay rise would be bothersome.

5) Elaborate on your plans in the company with your boss

If you are a valuable employee, then the business will want to keep you, it is as simple as that. If you are such as a person, during negotiations you should always make a point to talk as if you see your future with the company. This will give the impression that you want to be a part of the company for the foreseeable future and that any investment or outlay made on your now will be worthwhile.