5 Ways to Get Fit This Summer – Without Going to the Gym!

We fall right into the hands of big gym companies and health and wellness brands when we think that the only way to stay fit and healthy is to confine ourselves to the gym for hours on end. But how did we stay fit and healthy before gyms became the place we worship as the only place to get fit? Here are 5 ways that you can stay fit this summer, without stepping foot in a gym!


  1. Do bodyweight exercises

If you want to give your body a workout, what better equipment to use than the body itself! Exercises such as push-ups, dips, sit-ups, squats and more utilise your body weight as resistance. If you find it too easy or difficult to do certain exercises, there are a variety of alterations you can make to add or lessen resistance. Think adding books to a backpack and wearing it during push-ups to make them harder, or doing push-ups on your knees to make it easier while you gradually build your upper body strength.


  1. Run to work

Why do people commute or travel to a gym only spend the majority of their time on a treadmill is beyond me. Not only would you save money by running outside, but the view is almost certainly better and the air fresher. Save time and start your day well by considering running to work, but be sure to have a waterproof backpack to keep your spare set of clothes and belongings dry.


  1. Watch workouts online

In this day and age we can watch almost any tutorial we would like online, for free, so there is almost no excuse for not knowing how to do, or at least where to start, any type of workout. If you don’t have any time to head to the gym, you could surely spare a few 5 minutes at home and watch a workout tutorial. Videos can progress as you do, allowing you to go at your own pace


  1. Take up an outdoor hobby

Have you ever tried hiking? Or cycling? These are two relatively easy hobbies to get into that, with the same or even less amount of money you would spend on the gym over the course of a year, could help you get fitter, while enjoying the outdoors. If you aren’t able to get to hiking locations regularly, start by walking to work. Starting the day with some exercise will pretty much guarantee you a good start to your day and benefit your health.


  1. Play team sports

What more enjoyable way to get fit that to play sports such as football or basketball with a team?! You win together and you lose together so not only will get you get fit, but you will also likely experience a great camaraderie.